Why I'm running 

My name is Christina Ude and I'm running for House of Representatives, my constituency is made up of three local governments and they are Oru East, Orlu and Orsu all in lmo State. I am NOT a politician. I am a Development practitioner, a wife, and a mother. When I told people in my constituency that I’m running for House of Representatives, , their first reaction was “Thank God! We need a new face, women do not come out to contest, someone has to do something, we hope you will inspire others.” And these phrases came from a combination of the young boys and girls, the middle aged, senior citizens- both men and women. I was startled...
I'm running for House of Representatives, for one one thing, for generations that will come behind me, my kids and my future grand kids. I am running because my people deserve better. I never thought I would get into politics, but after seeing the negligence and the way some legislators have treated such an important position in our government, I decided to run.
Over the past few years, I have grown so tired of seeing the our political elite, half baked graduates and the wealthy take over our country. The House of Representatives was always meant to be a collection of regular Nigerian citizens elected to go to Abuja and represent their respective constituencies in National Assembly. With that in mind, I have decided to stand up and be the VOICE of the regular people.
My campaign strategist said to me that I need two things in order to run a political campaign: people and money.  "You can use one to build the other, but you have to have at least one of the two."  I told him that I am more concerned about number 1 than number 2. We’ve got really big and solvable problems in Imo State. Making my constituency better means addressing poverty, ensuring kids have an education, increasing access to clean water and power, dealing with the rising cost of food, and talking openly about youth empowerment, and so much more. Is there a state level solution to everything anywhere in the world? Probably not. But I’m resourceful and If there's a way, I will find it.
I’ve always been eager to get better and do more. This led me to seek and earn internships when I was in college, campaign experience when current New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio ran for his first term, volunteer with Rotary International and the United Nations. It’s really time to change the way things are currently being done, to change our dialogue. It’s time to have a Representative who will fight for you.

My name is Christina Ude and I’m asking you to support me to represent you, your family, and your future in the House of Representatives. This election is about who is going to listen to you and put you and your family first so I humbly ask that you help me with this endeavor. I look forward to getting to know you and earning the right to serve you.
Thank you,
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